About Our Hy-Line Brown Hens

The Hy-Line Brown

The Hy-Line Brown benefits include superior feed conversion, liveability and egg production. The eggs have superior shell colour, robustness, size and internal quality.

The Hy-Line Brown also has an excellent temperament making it ideal for both intensive and free-range environments – plus, they make fantastic family pets!

  • The world’s most balanced egg layer
  • Early laying age with optimum egg size
  • Very economical feed consumption
  • Best interior egg quality in the market.
  • The breed is constantly being improved, with each new Hy-Line generation representing the latest advancements in breeding technology
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Quality Guaranteed Products – Talking Hens

Just wanted to say how happy I am with the Chickens I got from you in January. Having moved from Canberra and purchased a house in Pakenham I wanted to get some chickens. I got 3 Hyline ladies from you, ready to lay, and the very next day I was presented with 3 eggs for breakfast. They haven't missed a single day since! That's nearly 200 days with 200 eggs each! I use you feed and watering system. They are great company in the back yard and stick their beaks into everything I get up to. I couldn't be happier. Herbie
Packenham​, Vic
Hi Jason, Finally got to pick up the 2 point of lay hens last Saturday and had 2 eggs Sunday morning and 2 every day since. They are very handelable, you could almost call them friendly maybe because they feel at home with familiar food and magic roosting/laying area in the prefabricated chicken coop built for up to 3 birds. I am more than happy and thankyou for such good looking and healthy chickens. I may come back for 1 more in the near future. Kindest Regards Paul
Paul N
Healesville, Vic

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