Predators of chickens

Keeping Chickens Safe from Predators [Video Included]

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Keeping chickens safe from predators is one of the most important responsibilities of a backyard chicken keeper. Some predators are inefficient killers of chickens but others, such as the fox, are highly skilled and efficient. In this post, we look at some of the main threats to your flock and why the fox should be you primary concern compared to all others.

Rough egg

Issues that Affect the Quality of Your Chicken Eggs

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Understanding what you need to know for regular, high quality chicken eggs is vital for backyard poultry keepers. Great quality eggs don’t just happen by accident and instead take a keen awareness of some crucial areas of hen selection, nutrition and health. Get it right and you will enjoy the best quality chicken eggs that taste so much better than anything you will find at a supermarket.

Keeping Chickens

Keeping Chickens Free of Lice and Mites

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Keeping chickens free of poultry lice and mites can be a real pain! Very few backyard poultry owners have avoided these parasitic pests with most not using a sound process for detection and reducing the threat. With the right system and treatment though you can confidently keep ahead of these annoying parasites and provide greater comfort to your flock.

Laying hens not to buy

Laying Hens For Sale That You Might Not Want To Buy!

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What laying hens should you buy It’s an important first question to ask if you want regular eggs at the lowest cost. The majority of breeds will eat you out of house and home yet only provide you with eggs in intervals that get shorter and shorter the older they get! In this article, we look at some of the best laying breeds and some of the differences so that you won’t end-up buying the wrong chicken for your backyard.

Chickens for sale

“Chickens For Sale” – 7 Questions to Ask Before You Buy!

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Plenty of chicken buyers purchase chickens from a Chickens for Sale ad on Gumtree or Google and don’t always get what they bargained for! From talking with literally thousands of customers, I have narrowed-down to seven key questions that you will want answer to if you want to buy with confidence. This article lists the 7-key questions you need to ask and why?

Free Range Chicken Farming

Free Range Chicken Farming in Keysborough!

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Agostino Postregna and his brothers began their careers as chicken farmers over 45 years ago a new chapter has now begun! In the past, the cage housing system was seen as the way of the future and the most efficient way to “feed the nation”. Now, people are starting to realise that “feed lotting” of animals is not doing the best for the animal. It’s been great to have all the old cages removed from the sheds, crushed and recycled and a huge open space created! In this article I share some of my early experiences learning free range chicken farming which has proven to be a steep learning curve but very rewarding!