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SKA Chicken Coop

SKA in Italy have a long and successful history in making high-quality commercial poultry equipment. They have now extended their range to include backyard chicken coops and have created this highly functional “city coop” that’s perfect for up-to five hens. Made in Ukraine, this 1600mm x 770 x 1100 easily moveable coop, comes with a flip-up roof and removeable droppings tray. This coop is perfect for those new to keeping chickens and who want a good quality, low maintenance setup.

  • Perfect coop for those new to chickens
  • Safely houses up-to 5 chickens
  • Flip-top lid and full-length droppings tray
  • Designed and made in Europe
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Tractor Chicken Coop

Fully recycled materials have been used throughout this fully moveable “chicken tractor”. Extremely durable and provides a safe and long-lasting home for your hens with a 10-year guarantee! Fully constructed here in Melbourne, this 1700mm x 1000 x 1440 coop is fully enclosed so that no predator, rodent or wild bird can enter. Large front door enables chickens to venture into an outdoor area but enough room inside for up to five happy chickens. Comes with an outside access, twin nesting box and slatted floor with slide-out droppings tray. Handles at the front and wheels at the rear for moving around on your lawn. Pick up only from our farm in Keysborough as shipping is not possible.

  • Made entirely from recycled Australian materials
  • Comfortably houses up-to 5 chickens
  • Has wheels for mobility
  • Extremely tough with a 10 year guarantee
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Walk In Chicken Coop

This large, 2 x 2 x 2 Metre walk-in coop can comfortably home up to eight chickens. Made almost entirely from recycled materials, it is guaranteed for 10 years and provides full protection from predators such as foxes. Build in Melbourne, the coop is strong and durable with just an outdoor stain to apply to the wood every few years to keep it looking good. Comes with a movable nesting box that is very solidly constructed and perfect for hens to lay their eggs in. Pick up only from our farm in Keysborough as shipping is not possible.

  • Made almost entirely from recycled materials
  • Comfortably houses up to 10 chickens
  • Complete protection from wild birds and predators
  • Perch, swing and moveable nest box included
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Country Style Coop

This extra large, 1350mm x 1100 x 1970 high run and chicken coop with a 600mm high coop is the Taj Mahal for chickens! Comfortably home for up to ten chickens and extremely durable construction with 10-year guarantee. Comes made-up or as a flat pack and provides full protection from predators and wild birds. Built in Melbourne, the coop is extra strong and durable with just an outdoor stain to apply to the wood to keep it looking good. Comes with triple nesting box and slatted floor area in the coop. Pick up only from our farm in Keysborough as shipping is not possible.

  • Australia made quality
  • Comfortably houses up-to 10 chickens
  • Three nest boxes with outside egg collection
  • 10 year guarantee
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Quality Guaranteed Products – Talking Hens

Just wanted to say how happy I am with the Chickens I got from you in January. Having moved from Canberra and purchased a house in Pakenham I wanted to get some chickens. I got 3 Hyline ladies from you, ready to lay, and the very next day I was presented with 3 eggs for breakfast. They haven't missed a single day since! That's nearly 200 days with 200 eggs each! I use you feed and watering system. They are great company in the back yard and stick their beaks into everything I get up to. I couldn't be happier. Herbie
Packenham​, Vic
Hi Jason, Finally got to pick up the 2 point of lay hens last Saturday and had 2 eggs Sunday morning and 2 every day since. They are very handelable, you could almost call them friendly maybe because they feel at home with familiar food and magic roosting/laying area in the prefabricated chicken coop built for up to 3 birds. I am more than happy and thankyou for such good looking and healthy chickens. I may come back for 1 more in the near future. Kindest Regards Paul
Paul N
Healesville, Vic

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