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Worms Away Dewormer

Are you hens showing signs of weight loss, rough shells or diarrhoea? There’s a good chance they need to be dewormed!

This pack contains dewormer that will destroy roundworm that causes health and egg issues for your hens.

  • Paralyzes worms within 6 hours
  • Includes a high-nutrition suppliment in each dose
  • Safe to use, no need to discard eggs during treatment
  • Contains extra follow up dose for best results
  • Hens love the taste, making it easy and effective to administer!
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Mother Hen’s Remedy

An old recipe that still works very well! Mother Hen’s mixture of unpasteurised apple cider vinegar reinforced with garlic, is a tremendous way to control parasites and strengthen your hen’s immune system.

  • 100% Natural!
  • Helps balance the pH levels in the hen’s gut
  • Doesn’t kill the helpful bacteria unlike pasteurised vinegar
  • Very easy use as just add to your hen’s drinking water
  • Full of useful nutrients
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Vitality Booster

Hens showing signs of stress due to seasonal changes or extremes in temperature? They could be recovering from sickness, and usually results in poor egg laying.

We all need an energy boost when feeling low or run-down – your hens are no different!

This vitality booster will help your hens recover their full vitality with a powerful supplement that works wonders!

  • Improves energy levels
  • Provides a wide range or nutrients to support health and wellbeing
  • Helps absorption of nutrients that may have been lacking
  • Completley safe to use, no need to discard eggs during treatment
  • Easy to administer and hens just love the taste!
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Lice Away & Creature Comfort Combo

The perfect parasite repelling combination that will provide both an effective deterrent to any parasite entering your chicken’s coop and getting onto their skin! Both are 100% natural and safe to use. Creature Comfort contains the abrasive, insect repelling ingredients designed to keep insects away while Lice Away contains further conditioning and healing ingredients to sooth skin and heal damage done by parasites.

  • 100% natural and non-toxic
  • Creates a hostile environment for insects both on and off the bird
  • Sooths and heals chickens from parasite damage
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Harden Up!

Harden Up! supports the formation of strong egg shells in laying hens. It’s particularly good for for young hens at the Point Of Lay (POL), or older hens nearing the end of lay. If you are seeing signs of weak or rough egg shells then Harden Up! Is just what your hens may need! It also greatly aids healthy gizzard function and performance which is of crucial importance to regular, high-grade egg production and healthy hens. A special blend of vitamins, trace elements, calcium, iron and carbohydrates all fused together into a delicious muesli bar that you hens will love.

  • Strengthens shells
  • Highly nutritious and tasty
  • Aids healthy gizzard function
  • Fun for your hens
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Clean-n-Clear is the 100% natural way to clean your water containers without using harsh or toxic chemicals. Specially formulated from grapefruit seed extract, which is nature’s natural anti-microbial. It greatly assists with reducing bacteria, fungus and mould in water and ideal for cleaning your chicken’s drinking water containers. Simple to use with the application of 15 drops in one litre of water and after 15 minutes, your containers (onced flushed), are ready for refilling!

  • 100% natural and non-toxic
  • Reduces bacteria, fungus and mould
  • No-need to use harsh chemicals
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Lice Away is a 100% natural product that external parasites such as lice and mites just hate! Its ingredients include natural insect repellents such as Neem, Ginger and Peppermint along with the drying and abrasive Diatomaceous Earth (DE). Lice Away conditions and nourishes damaged skin and keeps skin drier and cleaner. It also provides an enriched barrier on the skin and around the feather shafts that protects them while creating conditions that are detrimental to external parasites and their breeding.

  • Attacks lice and mites
  • Keeps skin drier and cleaner
  • Provides a protection barrier
  • Treats up-to three chickens

Creature Comfort

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Creature Comfort is a 100% natural product that makes life very uncomfortable for new parasites entering your chicken coop. Creature Comfort is a combination of natural insect repelling ingredients including Diatomaceous Earth (DE), Lavender, Orange and Eucalyptus. Its special combination of ingredients helps repel parasites such as lice and mites which can cause a range of problems if they get onto your chickens. It also enhances the natural dust bathing action of chickens so that it is more effective and damaging to parasites.

  • 100% natural and non-toxic
  • Creates a hostile environment for insects
  • Enhances dust bathing effectiveness
  • Treats a standard coop for up-to six months

Quality Guaranteed Products – Talking Hens

Just wanted to say how happy I am with the Chickens I got from you in January. Having moved from Canberra and purchased a house in Pakenham I wanted to get some chickens. I got 3 Hyline ladies from you, ready to lay, and the very next day I was presented with 3 eggs for breakfast. They haven't missed a single day since! That's nearly 200 days with 200 eggs each! I use you feed and watering system. They are great company in the back yard and stick their beaks into everything I get up to. I couldn't be happier. Herbie
Packenham​, Vic
Hi Jason, Finally got to pick up the 2 point of lay hens last Saturday and had 2 eggs Sunday morning and 2 every day since. They are very handelable, you could almost call them friendly maybe because they feel at home with familiar food and magic roosting/laying area in the prefabricated chicken coop built for up to 3 birds. I am more than happy and thankyou for such good looking and healthy chickens. I may come back for 1 more in the near future. Kindest Regards Paul
Paul N
Healesville, Vic

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