Hemp Nesting & Bedding Material

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Soft, dust-free and 100% natural hemp nesting is the perfect nesting material for your nest hens. Along with being GMO and chemical-free it has superior moisture and smell absorption properties compared to sawdust, paper or straw. Once soiled it will quickly break down into garden-ready compost.

Keeps your nest clean and dry and stops eggs from becoming contaminated. Hemp has natural antibacterial properties and is an excellent insulator to keep your hens warm and comfortable.  Great for asthmatics and people who are susceptible to allergies or respiratory irritation that many other types of fibre can cause. Comes in 48, 100 and 140-litre packages.



Hemp makes superb chicken nesting material as it’s warm, 100% natural and has natural anti-bacterial properties. It is also highly absorbent of moisture and droppings so that the nest stays clean and dry which hens love.

Fully bio-degradable, environmentally-friendly, GMO and Chemical free, hemp is far more absorbent than hay or straw which aren’t nearly as suitable for nesting due to mould and poor absorbency. Hemp nesting, when correctly managed, can be left in the nest for up to 12 months between complete changes. This significantly reduces the time spent cleaning your nests and the amount of nesting material to be disposed of. Our bags of hemp are 48, 100 and 140 litres. The 48 Litre bag contains enough hemp fibre to fill two large nest boxes with plenty left over. Alternatively, you can purchase the larger amounts of hemp in our big, 100 and 140 litre bales which are ideal for use as bedding material as well.