Gourmet Blend Chicken Feed Subscription

$23.00$35.00 inc GST.

The 10 and 20Kg feed subscription, is designed to keep your chicken feed fresh and your life simple! No more travel or mucking around with entering shipping and credit card details every time you buy! Check the information under the “Description” tab to make sure that you select the right feed subscription package for your hens!



Choosing our no-fuss chicken layer feed subscription makes life easy! Avoid the need to travel each time you want feed or re-enter your credit card and shipping details on our website. Choose from 10KG to 20KG, 4-week to 10-week intervals starting from $23 to $35 excl. shipping, Australia-wide.

3 reviews for Gourmet Blend Chicken Feed Subscription

  1. Mary Taylor

    This is the best chook feed ever! I looked around for a while for the best feed for our hens (we live near Orange, NSW) and have trialled a few varieties over the years. This is gives by far the best results. We have Bonds Isa Brown layers, which lay virtually daily and our chooks are happy and healthy. I’ve just subscribed to the regular delivery option which should make life even simpler. Once the chooks have picked over the larger parts of the feed, the next morning I mix the remaining smaller mash with water and the chooks happily gobble that down too, plus giving them a fresh portion of the mix in their feeder. They love it! And I’m happy because I know when we eat the eggs that the feed that went into them is good for us as well.

    • Jason Nethercott

      Thank you very much Mary for trying our feed and your comments! I often recommend for people to let the feed in their chook feeder to completely run out, powder and all, every couple of weeks. The “fines” are very good for chickens but are treated a bit like vegetables are for children.

      Thank you again!


  2. Alaa

    After purchasing 2 chickens And asked for advise on other chickens I had and why they are not laying, the feed was what popped out so I purchased a box
    A week later chickens started to lay
    I will continue buying this product for as long I continue to have chickens

  3. Jason Nethercott

    Hi Alaa,
    A good feed makes a big difference to hens and is really important as they are producing a product which families actually eat unlike other pets!

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