Chook Tred Feeder

$189.00 inc GST.

The Chooktred feeder was designed and built here in Australia to the demanding standards of backyard chicken owners. Holding up-to 14kg’s of chicken feed, the Chooktred feeder will keep up to eight hens happy for over two weeks.

The Chooktred dimensions are L41 x W30 x H29 and it is very robust weighing-in at 8kgs. Easily able to be adjusted to suit lighter breeds of chicken such as bantams.

Comes with a soft-closing access flap that doesn’t open like a mouth like many other designs that scare chickens. Adjustable feeding grid that can be used for pelletised or mash feeds.


The “Made in Australia” tread-on chicken feeder has been refined over many years and made entirely in Melbourne. Its feed capacity is 14 kg’s and engineered to keep all rodents and wild birds out of your feed.