Tread-On Feeders

$179.00 inc GST.

The Chooktred feeder was designed and built here in Australia to the demanding standards of backyard chicken owners. Holding up-to 16kg’s of chicken feed, the Chooktred feeder will keep up to ten hens happy for over two weeks.


The Chooktred feeder is handmade in Australia from tough, galvanised steel that will last a lifetime. Large, 16 L capacity means that you are able to feed up to ten chickens for up to ten days. Fully adjustable for lighter, bantam chickens and simple to train chickens that have never used a tread on feeder before.

Can be used in or outside the coop as fully waterproof and can stand securely when placed on the ground. Two chickens can comfortably access the feed at the same time and the smooth surfaces make cleaning easy.