Worms Away

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Worms Away is the ultimate feed-based dewormer that destroys Roundworm in chickens – the most common worm that causes poor quality eggs and dirty bottoms. It overcomes the problem with hens hating the taste of medicated water and each pack contains a high-nutrition compound of vitamins and minerals to help each hen fix the damage done by the parasites.


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Worms Away is a feed-based dewormer that is more holistic in nature to other water-based dewormers which are far more common. It contains Piperazine which is a dewormer registered in Australia for egg laying birds and it kills roundworm which is the most common worm found in poultry.

We include a free, follow-up dose in every pack to use 10 to 14 days after the first treatment as few dewormers kill the eggs that the parasite lays so a second treatment is needed for when these eggs hatch. We also include a high-nutrition compound in each dose to support the hen in fixing the damage done by the parasite which is very different to other dewormers that just kill the parasite.

Simply choose the pack for the number of hens that you have so a 4-pack has 8-doses in it for two treatments of 4 hens. Each capsule is added to approximately 100g of their chook food and thoroughly mixed together in a plastic container or bag before placing in a bowl for the hens to eat first thing in the morning. There should be no other food sources available until the medicated feed has been consumed and all hens don’t all have to eat it evenly.

There is no withholding period for the eggs so they can be consumed during treatment as usual. One way that I encourage hens to eat the medicated feed is to withdraw all food sources at least 2-hours before they go to bed at night so that they are a bit hungry in the morning when the medicated feed is ready for them. For larger flocks, I suggest using two or three dishes to make sure that a couple of bossy and big eating hens don’t eat too much more than the others.