16 Metre Poultry Fences

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Our new 16-Metre electrified and non-electrified poultry fences allow peace of mind by safely containing your flock in the backyard.  With the increase in predator attacks (mainly from foxes), the electrified version is a complete kit (minus 12-volt battery), and means that you won’t have to rush home when heading out in the late afternoon worried that a fox has taken your hens before you can return.

Made in England to European standards, these robust fences have high-quality components with the full kit containing extra fence posts and pegs to securely contain your hens on uneven ground.  These fences provide you with the flexibility to manage your flock’s range area so that your hens don’t ruin your lawn or devour your flowers and vegetables. The full kit also comes with a gate so that you can enter and exit your fenced area with ease.

– Perfect length for most backyard flocks
– Fast and simple to form safe new enclosures
– Electrified version provides superior predator control
– Keep chickens out of your flowers, vegetables or house!


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Our new, 16-Metre poultry fences keep your vegetables, flowers and house safe from inquisitive hens. The electrified version gives you peace of mind when you are away from your house or out late at night and haven’t locked the hens in their coop.

Made in England to demanding European standards, these fences are tough, versatile and very easy to move to form different enclosures. With spiked feet on each pole securely anchoring the fence to the ground, these fences give you the ability to better manage your backyard range areas and keep hens safe from the ever-present fox.

The electric poultry fence kit only needs a 12-volt car battery to power it but all other components are included. The fence has an electric wire strand running along each horizontal fence line. Once a fox, dog or any predator animal has touched its nose on the fence and received a short shock, they develop a fear of the fence which stays in their memory and keeps your flock safe.

– Perfect length for most backyard flocks
– Fast and simple to form safe new enclosures
– Comes in both electrified and non-electrified options
– Keep chickens out of your precious vegetables and flowers