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Just wanted to say how happy I am with the Chickens I got from you in January. Having moved from Canberra and purchased a house in Pakenham I wanted to get some chickens. I got 3 Hyline ladies from you, ready to lay, and the very next day I was presented with 3 eggs for breakfast. They haven't missed a single day since! That's nearly 200 days with 200 eggs each! I use you feed and watering system. They are great company in the back yard and stick their beaks into everything I get up to. I couldn't be happier. Herbie
Packenham​, Vic
Hi Jason, Finally got to pick up the 2 point of lay hens last Saturday and had 2 eggs Sunday morning and 2 every day since. They are very handelable, you could almost call them friendly maybe because they feel at home with familiar food and magic roosting/laying area in the prefabricated chicken coop built for up to 3 birds. I am more than happy and thankyou for such good looking and healthy chickens. I may come back for 1 more in the near future. Kindest Regards Paul
Paul N
Healesville, Vic
Jason, The four girls you sold me yesterday have established their territory, and taken over! Shortly after arrival the Girls were having a field day scratching and eating from our old compost bin area. ​F​our eggs this morning​ (Wed 13)​, but not just any old scungy ordinary eggs, The Girls lay eggs with: 2 times the omega 3’s 4-6 times more vitamin D 3 times the vitamin E 7 times more beta carotene 2/3 more vitamin A 1/3 less cholesterol 1/4 less saturated fat PLUS they’re guaranteed to taste better! A top 4-egg life extending omelette at lunch today! ​The Beautiful girls spent​ the afternoon sunning themselves. Jason, thanks for your attention and excellent customer service yesterday when supplying The Girls. Thanks also for the booklet​ I downloaded from your web site. Excellent added value. Kind Regards, ​Barry F Blackburn​
Barry F
Blackburn​, Vic
To all chicken lovers. I cannot recommend the talking hens feed too strongly. Our girls love it. Just love it. They can’t get enough, and never leave any behind. They seem so energised, healthy and fit since they have been on this magic product. Wonderful. I would also like to commend Jason and the team on their customer service and overall helpfulness. Wonder of wonders, they do what they say they will, quickly and professionally. They even return calls. Amazing. We live in Sydney, and product is cheap to ship and turns up fast. It is so good to find a service provider who delivers. Thanks Jason MJB Killara Sydney
Malcolm B
Killara, Sydney
We are extremely thankful to Jason and Talking Hens for providing high quality organic feed! A few months ago one of our hens became ill, loosing a lot of weight as a result. We tried to get her healthy on regular store bought feeds but nothing was helping her regain a healthy weight. I found Talking Hens feed whilst researching food options and gave it a go. Our hens, rooster and ducks all love this food! Within a short period of time our sick hen regained full health, put on a healthy weight and all of our animals look healthier and happier! I highly recommend this feed! The farming industry needs more people like Jason ensuring the welfare of animals is of the highest quality! We cannot thank you enough for putting the energy and effort into creating a balanced nutritious meal for our animals so they can continue to live happy healthy lives.
Hayley & Matthew
Noble Park North
Hi Jason, just a short note to say thanks for our lovely chooks. We purchased 4 pullets from you about a month ago. They have settled in well and are laying 4 eggs a day since they arrived. Our friends are amazed at how they run to greet us and how friendly they are.
Once again thank you and have a safe and Merry Christmas.
Anne & Ron H
Berwick, Vic
Last year I purchased my two laying hens from Talking Hens together with a couple of bags of chicken feed. After I used up all the feed, I started buying the chicken feed from the nearby pet stores simply because of convenience. However, I soon noticed that the eggs weren’t as good as before. I went through different brands with no real improvement. The yolks were pale and occasionally the egg shells were incredibly soft. The chooks were missing a day or two each week to lay and the eggs started to way only 55-59 grams. I then decided to go back to Jason’s Talking Hens and got some of their special feed. In about a week the quality of eggs dramatically improved. They are now laying every day. The yolks are orange and the eggs weigh 65-73 grams. I am now very pleased with the results and my chooks look certainly much happier.
Aspendale Gardens, Vic

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