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What’s Going On With Your Eggs?

What’s Going On With Your Eggs?

The quality of eggs you receive from your backyard flock relies on a number of important factors. I’ve outlined 7 key issues that you might see in your eggs from time to time and some of the potential causes.

1. Soft-shelled eggs

  • Poor nutrition
  • Heat stress
  • Scare (fox, dog, workers,
  • Roundworm build-up
  • Young hen new to laying or an older hen (over 18-months-old)

2. Rough shells

  • Poor nutrition
  • Poor gut health
  • Roundworm build-up
  • Common in older hens

3. Wrinkled eggs

  • Over consumption of calcium
  • Stress or scare
  • Roundworm build-up
  • Compromised immune system (e.g. respiratory infection)

4. Calcium deposits (white spots on the egg shell)

  • Poor nutrition (e.g. hen eating too much calcium)
  • More common with older hens
  • Compromised immune system (e.g. respiratory infection)

5. Misshapen eggs/pointy eggs

  • Stress
  • Compromised immune system (e.g. respiratory infection)
  • Roundworm build-up

6. Hair cracks (tiny hairline cracks on the surface of the eggshell)

  • Heat stress
  • High water salinity
  • Common with older hens laying larger eggs
  • Poor nutrition (e.g. calcium and Vit D deficiencies)

7. Dirty/soiled egg shells

  • Poor gut health (e.g. from parasitic worm issues)
  • Poor nutrition e.g. too many scraps especially citrus, onions, spicy food or mouldy bread
  • Dirty nest (hens are sleeping in the nest box)


How to improve your hen‘s egg quality


1. Improve their gut health!

2. Improve their nutrition

3. Improve their environment

  • Remove/reduce any stresses e.g. heat, cold, dampness, draft etc
  • Clean out coop periodically and replace bedding and nesting materials
  • Block/stop hens from sleeping/roosting in their nest boxes
  • Remove/reduce scraps

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