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Great local business. Very helpful and informative. Obviously passionate about caring for and enjoying hens as pets.

Ryan Cromwell

First time chicken owner. Talking hens gave me lots of knowledge and our girls are very happy. Thanks talking hens team.

Jacqueline Simmonds

Our deliveries of chook products are always delivered in a timely manner and our girls are all the more happy for it.

Amy Minichiello

A great one stop place to get the best for your backyard chickens. The staff are friendly and know their stuff!

Mylene Pentland

Really good hens, Come back twice. I bought 15 from here and can get around 8 eggs per day, enough for my family.

Haibo Lv

Great place, very knowledgeable and helpful. Bit like crazy dog people but crazy chicken people, in a good way.

Malcolm Twist

Ordered feed online and it arrived the next day. Chickens like this feed much better than pellets or whole grains.

Stephen Lowe

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All the essential products you need to set your flock up for success.


The ideal mid-tier option for those starting their backyard chicken journey.


The ultimate pack, offering everything needed for a healthy and thriving flock.

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