Discover the charming Welsummer breed, originating from the quaint village of Welsum in the eastern Netherlands. The Welsummer is famous for their beautiful, speckled terracotta eggs. These chickens make a striking addition to any backyard but are also productive layers with between 160 to 250 eggs laid annually. They are also calm and good with families.

  • Good with families
  • Terracotta/speckled coloured eggs
  • Can live up to 13 years

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Welsummers are a cherished breed, famous for their calm and gentle demeanour, which makes them ideal for families. This attractive breed, known for its partridge, gold duckwing, and silver duckwing colours, brings a touch of European charm to your backyard.

The breed is renowned for its good egg-laying capabilities, producing between 160 to 250 eggs per year. The eggs are a distinctive terracotta shade, often adorned with speckles, adding a unique character to your egg collection. Notably, the Welsummer breed matures relatively quickly, reaching maturity between 22 and 26 weeks (5 to 6 months).

The Welsummer also has an impressive lifespan of 9-13 years if well taken care of and fed good feed, ensuring long-term companionship. They are known for their calm and docile temperament, which, when combined with their striking looks and productive laying habits, makes them a popular choice for backyard chicken owners.

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