Handcrafted Coops

Sustainable luxury for your flock

Experience the intersection of artisanal craftsmanship, sustainability, and luxury with our handcrafted coops. Lovingly built on site by our experienced carpenter Anthony Kain, our coops feature locally-sourced reclaimed hardwood, superior quality materials, and an eco-friendly ethos. From the detailed craftwork to the rigorous quality standards, every coop tells a story of dedication, expertise, and a commitment to happy, healthy hens. Discover more about our building process, materials, and the Talking Hens Guarantee below.

Meet the Craftsman: Anthony Kain

As the backbone of our coop production, Anthony Kain brings more than 30 years of carpentry experience to our designs. An Adelaide native now living on the Mornington Peninsula, Anthony's expertise as a cabinet maker shines in each coop he crafts. His love for wood with "character" perfectly complements our use of reclaimed hardwood. Beyond crafting beautiful coops, Anthony has contributed his skills to prestigious projects, including an 18-year tenure at Mt Lofty, voted the number 1 Hotel in Australia and the South Pacific in the 2022 Traveller's Choice Awards.

Sourcing of Materials: Local and Sustainable

We proudly use reclaimed timber, provided by our local demolition company, Eden Demolition in Rosebud. Salvaged from old Melbourne homes being replaced with new ones, this Australian hardwood undergoes a transformative process, removing nails and sanding to reveal its stunning grain. Each timber piece is lovingly varnished for protection. Furthermore, we create our own hempcrete right on the farm, ensuring the perfect consistency for every coop panel. Our stainless steel mesh is procured from Stainless Steel Wire and Mesh in Tullamarine, specialists in long-lasting animal protection products.

Quality: Uncompromised and Superior

Our coops are built with the highest quality materials and finishes, ensuring safety, comfort, and beauty. We incorporate stainless steel mesh, reclaimed hardwood, and 90mm thick hempcrete walls in our designs, promising protection from fire, rodents, and insects. Along with this, our flooring slats are industry-standard and recyclable, ensuring the comfort of your chickens and reducing contamination. Our coops aren't just a place for your chickens; they're a valuable addition to your home with their classic yet contemporary style.

Building Process: Detailed and Meticulous

Building our coops is a process that takes at least six weeks due to the drying time of the hempcrete and the preparation of the recycled timbers. Coops may be listed as Out of Stock on our website from time to time, but we encourage you to join our waiting list. For any special requirements or inquiries, don't hesitate to contact us. We provide detailed information about the coops and the building process through appointments booked via our Timely link. Please note that delivery and erection of the coop are charged separately.

Our Guarantee: Peace of Mind and Support

With every coop purchase, we offer a 10-year warranty for your peace of mind, alongside 7-day expert support to address any issues or concerns you may have. All our coops are built entirely on our farm with sustainability in mind. Each component of our coops is either compostable or recyclable, reflecting our commitment to a greener future. Choose Talking Hens and join us in our journey towards sustainable chicken keeping.


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