Why sustainability is synonymous with backyard chooks
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Why sustainability is synonymous with backyard chooks

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Reassuringly, as backyard hen owners, you’re already part of the movement of change-makers that comprise sustainable living.

That’s because the partnership of human wellbeing with backyard chickens and their contribution to the local (and global) environment makes chooks a sustainability icon!

What does sustainability mean?

Sustainability relies on each of us acting responsibly so that our needs are met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Therefore, reducing our carbon footprint is integral.

And one adaption that many people like you have embraced, is keeping backyard hens instead of purchasing eggs from the supermarket.

How do backyard hens reduce our carbon footprint?

  • Significantly reduce emissions due to eggs travelling from the coop to kitchen rather than transportation to the supermarket and then your home by road or air
  • Less organic kitchen waste going to landfill which produces methane (a 25 times more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide)
  • Manageable and beneficial levels of chicken manure (rather than industrial loads that produce nitrous oxide – a dangerous contributor to climate change)

Of course that’s not even factoring in their gardening prowess or benefits of backyard hens’ eggs, which are often healthier for your family!

Join Melbourne’s annual National Sustainable Living Festival in February

Discover more ways to adapt your way of life at the Sustainable Living Festival each February. There are loads of events in and around Melbourne to attend or simply register for online workshops where there’s so much to learn without even leaving your house!

For instance - sustainable shopping choices, rubbish and recycling, composting and companion planting plus more..

The festival runs throughout February so you’ll find plenty of opportunities to get involved.

Go to http://www.slf.org.au/

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