Hen Pecked

All natural Optimised nutrition Vet formulated
Hen Pecked is a healthy, nutritious, and irresistible soft-peck block that promotes socialisation and healthy digestion while reducing aggression in chickens.
  • Promotes socialisation
  • Supports healthy gizzard function
  • Supports the immune system
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Hen Pecked is an irresistible, healthy temptation for your backyard hens, providing a combination of tasty nutrition to support their wellbeing. The soft peck block encourages the natural behaviour of foraging and pecking, which stimulates the hens' mental and physical wellbeing. Additionally, it promotes healthy gizzard function, which is essential for hens to extract nutrients from their food, as well as supporting their immune system, maximising their overall health.

One of the added benefits of Hen Pecked is its ability to reduce the impact of new hens added to an existing flock. It distracts the hens, reducing the likelihood of aggression and bullying, establishing their pecking order and promoting socialisation, which in turn strengthens flock cohesion. By reducing the likelihood of bullying behaviours, the hens are less likely to develop physical injuries and stress-related illnesses, which are common in situations where bullying is prevalent. Overall, Hen Pecked is a must-have addition to your flock's diet, providing a healthy and tasty treat while promoting their overall health and wellbeing.

Delivery time depends on your location and the shipping method you choose. We dispatch orders every business day (excludes weekends and public holidays), with online orders generally shipped the same day if received before 8 am. 

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