Sustainable Layer Chicken Feed

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If you want the best-tasting eggs that you and your family have ever eaten and want them every single day – you can’t buy your chicken feed from a pet shop or feed store! It’s a clear case of “you get what you pay for” and we have a 100% money-back guarantee to back it up!

Our new sustainable, biodegradable and fully recyclable feed bags don’t stay in landfill for years like other chicken feed packaging. Every bag returned to us that is clean and undamaged gives you a $1 store credit! For a simple way to open our new bag simply watch this short video:

As a guide, a Hy-Line or ISA Brown commercial layer will eat ca. 130 grams of feed each day (excluding rodents or wild birds eating feed).

10 KG for 2 hens will last approximately 5 weeks
20 KG for 3 hens will last approximately 6 weeks

Need feed more often? Then have a look at our chicken feed subscription plans.

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How to Supercharge the Health and Quality of Your Family Meals With the Most Nutritious and Best Tasting Eggs Possible!


Chicken feed in the good old days…

In the old days egg farmers had much closer relationships with their customers with many becoming great friends. When customers got bad eggs they told the farmer and the farmer listened. This honest and regular feedback about the quality and taste of their eggs meant that some egg farmers started making their own tailor-made blends of chicken feed based on this feedback.

It took a lot more effort, expense and time to set-up their own feed making equipment but once completed gave them the flexibility and control that they needed to tailor make their feed and avoid their eggs tasting like all the others. On the other hand, the egg farmers that just wanted the cheapest and easiest way of getting their feed simply purchased it off the big, commercial feed suppliers.

Problem was, when the big feed suppliers had quality issues with their ingredients all the egg farmers they supplied to had egg issues as well. Poor quality feed was resisted by the hens who produced poor quality, bad tasting eggs with watery egg whites. After a while the complaints started to increase and customers started shopping-around for better quality eggs..

These days, low cost drives everything!

These days, lowest cost drives everything to the point that it often overrides (e.g. supermarkets!), taste, quality and health. When you read the list of ingredients on most products you will often find some very unhealthy but cheap additives that take the place of the more expensive, wholesome ingredients. Again, a cheap price wins out over quality and the product producers continue to be at the mercy of the “big guys”.

With modern egg production, eggs are seen as a commodity that is uniform “an egg is an egg” and keeping the huge feed bill down is all important. Cheaper feeds using highly processed, synthetic and refined ingredients often result in eggs tasting like cardboard.

Feed supply companies

Feed companies that supply a wide range of different animal feeds to pet stores, stockfeed wholesalers and other resellers also have this “cheap feed” mentality. Unfortunately, they don’t have much interest in the quality or flavour of the eggs produced from hens eating their chicken feed. After all, they’re in the “feed sales business” of which chicken feed sales are only a small part. They also know that many backyard chook owners have a wide variety of hens so don’t tend to have high expectations of high-quality, daily eggs from their flocks like some farmers do.

For our customers, their needs and expectations are very different! They want healthy, delicious and high quality eggs every day to feed their families. They’ve learned that they can’t get that from simply feeding their hens on scraps and cheap layer feeds!

Let me tell you a story…

…way back in the 1980’s, my Father Agostino Postregna (a small egg farmer), had big problems with the commercial feed he was using. His hens were getting sick and the daily eggs he used to get were reducing. Not only this but his regular customers were starting to complain about the taste and quality of his eggs.

Finally, Agostino had had enough of complaining to his feed manufacturer so contacted a leading poultry diet researcher at the time who he had heard of in the industry – Dr Hector Karunajeewa. Now, Dr Karunajeewa had been working for the Animal Research Institute in Werribee, Melbourne for many years and had written a number of published papers on specific areas of egg layer diets (Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture). Agostino approached Dr Karunajeewa about his feed and they soon struck up a friendship with Dr Karunajeewa keen to help Agostino overcome his feed problem.

Over the next few months, Dr Karunajeewa put his best knowledge and experience into crafting a feed recipe for laying hens that would fix Agostino’s problem and get his hens laying the best possible eggs with a flavour that would delight his customers.

The change was dramatic with the health of Gus’s hens improving greatly and egg production skyrocketing. His customers started commenting on how nice the eggs had become and what an improvement from the past.

We have continued to follow my Dad’s original recipe over the past few years making small tweaks and changes to allow for the latest layer breeds and strains. We’ve chosen not to replace the crucial ingredients such as corn and lucerne though which are expensive but make all the difference to the egg flavour and quality and are seldom used in other feeds.


Here’s more information about Sustainable Layer…

  • Traditional family recipe from the 1970’s
  • All ingredients sourced from local, Victorian grain farmers and GMO-free where possible
  • Created by Dr Hector Karunajeewa who was a renowned poultry diet researcher with the Animal Research Institute in Werribee, Melbourne.
  • Formulated to exceed the recommended nutritional needs of modern layer hens
  • Organic micronutrients – vitamins, minerals & trace elements
  • 100% vegetarian
  • Contains no antibiotics, hormones or medication of any type
  • 19% protein
  • 10% cracked corn
  • Limestone and shell grit
  • Wheat
  • Chopped Lucerne
  • Soybean meal
  • No barley contained in the feed which is a low-grade source of energy
  • Comes in 10, 20 and 100kg+ bulk amounts (5 x 20kg bags)


Here’s what our chicken feed does for you…

  • Comes in a dry, “mash” which is better able to be used in your hen’s gut to convert into high-quality eggs and good health compared with layer pellets
  • High protein levels mean that hens can still lay large eggs when there is little foraging food available for them
  • Because our feed recipe has been created for the best laying hens – any breed of chicken that you own will produce better quality eggs more often
  • You can save money from not having to buy shell grit, corn or supplementary feed ingredients as our feed already has everything needed in it
  • Hens love eating our feed as it tastes as good as it looks which means that you get more regular eggs despite short, Winter days as your hens are still getting the nutrition they need
  • Doesn’t use the protein base of cheap feeds that contain animal meat unusable for human consumption (meat meal), which smells horrible


Here’s what happens when you use our chicken feed…

  • Because our feed is a “Mash” form of feed preferred by egg farmers, you can see for yourself what’s in the feed which isn’t possible with pelletised chicken feed which can easily hide cheap, low-grade ingredients
  •  Hens are able to self-select what parts of the feed they most need at any time of the day as they have done for thousands of years when foraging for their food
  • With high calcium levels in the feed your hens are able to lay eggs with strong shells so that you have less breakage and more eggs to enjoy
  • Enjoy the peace of mind with using our feed which uses Feedsafe Accredited ingredients
  • Family and friends will be amazed at how nice your eggs taste compared with supermarket eggs
  • Hens still get their greens even when there is little grass for them to eat in dry seasons because of the chopped green lucerne in the feed
  • High percentage of corn and lucerne provide taste and colour to the egg yolk and firmness to the egg white making your food more enjoyable to eat
  • No smelly animal protein in our chicken feed means that it is much nicer for you to use as it’s sweet-smelling
  • Your hens will really start to enjoy eating rather than just having to tolerate the low-cost feed which they hate eating
  • Keeps your hens laying throughout the Winter (unless broody or moulting), as they can still get the nutrition that they need despite the short days and cold weather
  • You can make money from your eggs as once people try them they will love them and be happy to pay for a regular supply

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Remember that our Sustainable Layer comes with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee! If your chickens don’t like eating it or don’t start laying the best-tasting eggs you have ever had then just send it straight back for a “no questions asked”, 100% refund of all of your money.

Fully Sustainable, Compostable and Recyclable Feed Bag!

Our new feed bags enable you to receive a $1 credit for every one returned to us for sanitisation and recycling! Bags must be returned undamaged and clean but it’s our way of reducing the vast number of chicken feed bags that currently fill our landfills. Watch the short video to learn how to easily open our new Sustainable Layer feed bag: